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Too many change initiatives fail and don’t create the expected impact. We support your change projects from vision to impact through on-going evaluation.

Evaluation of Change Projects

We support you in taking your change project from vision to real impact. We do this through on-going evaluation of how the change is working in practice and why.

Methods are wide - we use for example Theory of Change for mapping the change, qualitative case studies to do research about the change and reflection workshops to create learning about the change.

Building Evaluation Competence

We support you in developing the competence in building capacity for evaluation and learning in your organization. Evaluation is a systematic way of thinking and of managing knowledge-based development that can be learned. 

We do this through evaluation courses, workshops and networks. The participants can be a project team, a leadership group or a network of people from different organizations. You work with your own change project in a shared learning process  with several meetings over time.

Participatory Process Management

We support you in developing your change or innovation project to make it sustainable in addressing the problem you want to solve. We do this with a base in the clients perspective and involving the key stakeholders.

We do analyzes through carrying out studies of clients behaviour and working processes in the organization using methods inspired by participatory service design.

We also support you through managing processes of formulating the project idea using logic models and creating common understanding between the stakeholders. 

Our approach is about asking the good questions

ASKings evaluation approach is about asking the good questions, instead of just giving the expected answers. And we involve the project partners in the process – to make them reflect and create knowledge that can be used in making the change project reach impact.

The main questions guiding the evaluations are: What is working, for who and under which circumstances?  Why? How do we know that?

We see change as something that is not just happening but is always created by people in relationships with each other and in a specific context. As evaluators we work with revealing the core mechanisms that make change happen. We do this using different methods for evaluation and learning such as Theory of Change, case studies and workshops. Along the way, we engage different stakeholders to create learning about the impact on different levels, from clients and front- workers to leaders. 

Ethical principles

As evaluators we follow ethical standards for evaluation and research – read our policy for integrity, including how we follow GPDR here (in Swedish). 

Our Process

Set framework: We work with mapping the change process by involving the key stakeholders in formulating the Theory of Change behind the project. We do this through clarifying the connections between resources, activities, processes and effects at each step of the way towards impact.

Investigate processes: We study how the change is implemented and how it is actually working in practice. We do this through methods such as interviews, surveys and evaluation workshops.

Learn and develop: We present our findings to the keys stakeholders and facilitate workshops to make them reflect on the result and how it can be used to develop and implement the change initiative.

Our process is an iterative cycle that can be repeated several times during the time of the project!


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