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From vision to impact through on-going evaluation.

Our Services

We are experts in evaluations

Too many change initiatives and development projects are failing and don't create the expected impact. ASKing is your strategic partner in supporting your change projects, taking them from vision to impact through on-going evaluation.

Evaluation of Change Processes

We are supporting you in taking your vision and strategy to real impact through on-going evaluation of the change processes. Methods are for example Theory of Change as tool for analysis, qualitative case studies and reflection workshops.

Building Evaluation Competence

We are supporting you in developing the competence in your organization in how to conduct on-going evaluation of your business or project. Evaluation is a systematic process for leading knowledge-based development that can be learned. 

User Evaluation of Innovation

We are supporting you doing research on and with your clients. The aim is to make you see your service through their eyes. In this way, you can develope a service that is actually meaningful to your clients. Methods are wide - from surveys and interviews to journey mapping and workshops.

Our Approach

Our evaluation approach is built on the notion that change is not something that is just happening but is always created by people working in relationships with each other in specific contexts.

And how do we know that…?

Working with evaluation means using systematic methods of doing research and creating learning. We work with multiple methods but mostly with qualitative and participatory methods to gather in-debth knowledge and engage different stakeholders in shared learning about the impact  on different levels, from front- workers to managers. 


As evaluators we follow ethical standards for evaluation and research – read our policy for integrity, including how we follow GPDR here (in Swedish). 

As evaluators we are:

  • Listening
  • Asking a lot of questions
  • Making you reflect
  • Criticizing constructively
  • Understanding different perspectives
  • Seeing the whole picture


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