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2. Evaluating the Development of an Innovative School Organization

What are we doing that is creating impact?

What is actually happening “on the ground”?

Are we working in the right way?

Do we get out of it what we wanted? 

These were questions asked by the leaders of a Swedish high school in Malmö at the beginning of the evaluation of a “model school” for developing a way of working with Education for Sustainable Development. The project was a joined investment by the Municipality of Malmö, Malmö University and The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

The main focus of the evaluation was: How can we create a mindset, competences and an organization in a Swedish school setting that supports pedagogical innovation with the aim of educating young people to act for a sustainable society?

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“The evaluation was sometimes a painful proces for us leaders – we  were realizing why the teachers were not always working the way we wanted. Fx we arranged training activities for the teachers in traditional forms to build their knowledge of the subject. But we learned from the evaluation that they need to train working in innovative change processes where they collaborate with each other and with external partners.”

Said by the school Principal

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