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Too many change initiatives and development projects are failing and don’t create the expected impact. ASKing is your strategic partner in supporting your change projects, taking them from vision to impact through on-going evaluation. ASKing’s evaluation approach is about asking the good questions, instead of just giving the expected answers.

About ASKing

Karen Ask founded ASKing in 2013 with a vision to create a platform for professionals and organizations interested in working with on-going, learning-oriented evaluation of change projects and processes. Asking’s evaluation platform is rooted in the Nordic organizational culture with an international outlook and synergies across borders with clients and partners from the public, private and civil sectors.

ASKing helps organizations identify the core change mechanisms that will bring visions to impact. We use research-based evaluation methods with a strong practical approach to address change processes. Through a network of collaborative partners and experts, ASKing's evaluation platform can cater to organizations' specific change projects by selecting and combining different competencies, knowledge and expertise. Through this, ASKing sheds light on the relevant aspects of participating organizations needed to create the change envisioned in a project.

Before founding ASKing, Karen experienced the value of evaluation based on research, but found it too often detached from 'real-life practice'. Working 'on the ground' and as an evaluator in the public, civil and private sector, she learned that change in 'real-life practice' benefits from evaluations based on knowledge from practitioners.  She wanted to find a place in between, where the evaluation is research-based but stays closely connected to citizens, clients, employees and managers — to involve people at every level of the organization.

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“There is so much knowledge and experience with the people actually working in the organizational practice - knowledge that is not always visible higher up in the organization. (…) The changes organizations make should be based on experiences of what actually works in practice”

Karen Ask

Founder, ASKing


ASKing is organized as a cluster of consultants with excellence in different fields in order to create the best team for each assignment.

Karen Ask

Owner, Chief Consultant & Change Evaluator

Karen is the owner of ASKing and the person responsible for ASKing’s projects. She has a long experience as an evaluator and project facilitator from the public, private and civil sectors. She is an expert of on-going evaluation of change projects, participatory learning processes and user involvement.

+46 (0) 732 687 580

+45 24 40 05 80

Stefan Hansson

Senior Consultant & Collaboration Partner

Stefan is an expert in supporting EU-funded programmes and projects. He is working with ASKings project evaluations within the European Social Fund.

Mari Malmberg

Senior Consultant & Collaboration Partner

Mari is a resource for doing evaluations, workhops and reports in ASKings projects within rehabilitation, integration, education and social work. She has a background in evaluating international development programmes within the social and educational sector.

Ylva Saarinen

Senior Consultant & Collaboration Partner

Karen Ask and ASKing is collaborating with Ylva and her company Policy in Practice (PiP), mainly doing studies and analyses within PiP:s assignment with the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. Ylva has a background as a researcher within cultural geografi, she has strong analytical and process competences as well as specialities within social sustianability and inclusion. 

Rebecka Fingalsson

Senior Consultant & Collaboration Partner

Rebecka is working with ASKing in project evaluations within the European Social Fund with a main focus on gender equality, accessibility and non-discrimination. She is an experienced leader of learning processes and of qualitative studies with a gender perspective. Rebecka currently is a Ph.D. at Malmö University. 

Helena Stavreski

Senior Consultant & Collaboration Partner

Helena is a resource for supporting and carrying out evaluations and workhops in ASKings projects. Helena is working as a lecturer in leadership and organization in Malmö university and has a strong competence in supporting project owners in implementation and learning processes, highlighting organizational factors as core conditions for change.

Sigrid Duekilde

Junior Evaluation & Communication Consultant

Sigrid works at ASKing, assisting in projects by preparing presentations, workshops, reports, and carrying out evaluations in collaboration with the team. She also handles web-management and media. Academically, Sigrid has a background in anthropology and communication, giving her strengths within qualitative, ethnographic methods using ongoing reflections.

+45 22 89 85 45

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ASKing is organized as a cluster of consultants with excellence in different fields in order to create the best team for each assignment. Contact us today and hear more about how we can help you.


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