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ASKing is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Malmö, Sweden. We work both in Denmark, Sweden and abroad. 

We have a long experience of evaluating change projects and processes in the public, private and civil sector for clients such as:

  • The Swedish European Social Fund Council
  • Municipalities in Southern Sweden & Denmark
  • Universities: Lund, Malmö, Uppsala
  • FINSAM Samordningsförbund (cooperation between public authorities within health and labour market policies)  
  • The Swedish Nature Conservation Society
  • Skurups folkhögskola
  • Kommunförbundet Skåne (Skåne Association of Local Authorities)
  • Region Skåne

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    We are experts in change evaluation

    Too many change initiatives and development projects are failing and don’t create the expected impact. ASKing is your strategic partner in supporting your change projects, taking them from vision to impact through on-going evaluation.

    Evaluation of Change Projects

    Building Evaluation Competence

    Participatory Process Management


    Evaluating Transnational Private Public Collaborations

    Evaluating the Development of an Innovative School Organization

    Evaluating Long Term Social Change


    “ASKing's evaluation has confirmed that the project has been going in the right direction. The evaluation reports have been valuable for the project management, project owner and the steering group, giving them new perspectives on the project and enhancing the quality of the analysis. The evaluation has facilitated learning and joint knowledge building.

    The evaluator has pushed the collaboration partners to see their organization's role in the project, as well as their potential to develop their work with the target group to reach changes and long term impact, also for other individuals than those who participated in the project.”

    Tove Karnerud

    Projekt Manager, Creative Labour Market, ABF (the Worker’s Educational Association)

    “ASKing contributed positively to develop the work in the project VALLE 2.0. Above all, the follow up and development meetings between the project managers and the evaluator have been important as the focus and ways of working changed during the time of the project. The evaluator has given valuable advice on how to handle upcoming situations and problems. The evaluator had the role as an important dialogue partner during the project.”

    Jan Nilsson

    Projekt Manager, Project VALLE 2.0, Skåne Association of Local Authorities (Kommunförbundet Skåne)

    "I believe that our cooperation has worked excellently and I am sincerely thankful that Karen helped us all to drive and document the processes."

    Sophie Nordström

    Projekt Manager, Model School – Education for Sustainable Development, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation


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